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Since the Tenant Fee Ban came into force on the 1st of June 2019, the property market has been truly shaken. Leaving Agents wondering where they are going to make up the income they have lost.


Could your Agent be helping themselves to more of your pie than you first think?


As expected after the ban, Letting Agents all over the country increased their fees to Landlords to cover the loss of income from tenants. But have you noticed it?


You may have been convinced that Agents have a justifiable reason for charging more, as the market has increased all together.


Let's look at the real facts…


We will take Agent B and Agent Y, both reputable Letting Agents with many Landlords and Tenants on their books. Agent B now charges £480 for a basic Tenant Find, whereas Agent Y charges £720. Although Agent B may look more affordable, with added costs such as Tenant Checks, Tenancy Agreement and the Check-in of Tenants which are not included the overall fee comes to an astounding £985. Not to mention Agent Y’s fee of £792 altogether.


The real question is, are you being misled as to what is actually worth your money…


Here at Landlords 2 we are different!


Compared to leading Letting Agents, we are no less qualified. In fact, we are Arla Propertymark Licenced which you may not find with other agents. They may sell the dream to make up for the added costs, but their service is no different.


We are proud to advertise properties in the same places they do, use the same referencing company as they do and even have the same size database they do. 


But the main difference is, we haven't been ripping off tenants and landlords for years!


To put it in perspective…


Compared the prices stated above, for a Basic Tenant Find we charge £240. Unlike other agents, this includes your Landlord References, Tenant Checks, Agreements and much much more. We don’t hide the costs because we simply don’t need to, and we certainly don’t hide any hidden costs from you.


We feel there’s no need to pull the wool over your eyes and believe that you should see the truth. Landlords 2 are proud to offer VALUE.


If you would like to learn more about our services, please give us a call on 01325 978970 or visit our website:


Plus feel free to look at our full comparison table below...







Landlords 2

Basic Tenant Find Fee




Provision and management of To Let Board, if requested.




Obtain employment and previous landlord references if applicable.

Undertake full credit checks.




Check that all adult tenants have a right to rent in the UK, ensuring landlord compliance with the requirements of the Immigration act 2014.




Prepare the tenancy agreement and other legal documents necessary for the Landlord to gain protection of the relevant Rent and Housing Acts.




Check-in of tenant.

Notify council tax and utility suppliers of occupiers at start of Tenancy.

Council Tax may become payable by Landlord on empty properties.




Submit the deposit to a regulated Deposit Protection Service ensuring that all prescribed information as required by the relevant housing act is completed within specified timescales. 




Total Fee





Landlords2 provide letting solutions for landlords and tenants throughout Bishop Auckland, Darlington, Durham, Middlesbrough and the North East area.