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When you are a Landlord one of the main aims of your property management agent is to ensure your property management experience is smooth and your tenants are happy, so why are so many Landlords being restricted by their agent charging tenant fees?

Did you know…here at Landlords2 we don’t charge those unnecessary tenant fees!

As a Landlord it’s important to make sure your property portfolio appeals to as many tenants as possible, and with more tenants out there surely now is the perfect time for Landlords. But what’s holding them back? Many Landlords have got into the mind set that administration fees are normal, but realistically they are restricting your tenant market and forcing you to lose out.

In simpler terms, if a tenant was to see a property that charged them up to £500 in administration fees and one with no fees at all, which one would they choose? So why are landlords letting their agents pick the pockets of their tenants as well as their own!

Here at Landlords 2 we do things differently, being Landlords ourselves we understand the importance of widening your market, which is why we refuse to charge any fees to your tenants. Not only are we helping you reach out to your perfect tenant market, but we are also helping you build your portfolio by welcoming tenants with no administration fees.

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