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Here at Landlords 2 we are proud to integrate with local businesses which is why we are going to be doing a series of blogs in which we discuss a business in the community who we are supporting. In this blog we are going to be discussing ATSAS, Accredited Training Safety Advice Service.

ATSAS, owned by Marlene Robinson is a fully accredited first aid training provider that not only offers hands on classes but can also review your business for any risks and keep you compliant.

She has recently started offering a range of online training courses that can benefit businesses of all sizes. They are split into different sections based on your requirements…

Health & Safety Course

Keep your business compliant and your employees safe by enrolling on this online Health & Safety course. The course is interactive and conducted by a virtual tutor who will focus on the specific areas you need. Every course is personal to each employee and the message is designed to be clear and precise.

Business Skills Suite Course

It can be hard to keep your skills fresh with the ever-changing business environment. That’s why you will benefit from a Business Skills Suite online course! The tutor lead one on one workshop adjusts to a pace that works best for you. The course covers a wide range of topics from core business skills to how to use social media effectively for your business.

Health & Social Care Course

Extensive training is crucial for anyone who works in a health and social care setting. These online courses could be the help you need to keep your staff up to date with all the latest knowledge and skills. The interactive workshop can be downloaded at a time and place most suitable for the candidate. Subjects include infection prevention and control and safeguarding, and the courses are approved by the CPD.

If you require more information on these courses or any of the other services ATSAS offers, please call 07549 845721 or visit: