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Long gone are the days where tenants would trawl the high streets looking for the best property for them. Instead, property hunting is completed at the touch of a button online. Which is why your greatest asset is your exposure…

When it comes to property searching online, one site stands high above the rest and that is Rightmove. With over 130 million visitors per month, there’s no doubt this is the place for your property. So why are so many Letting Agents avoiding the question “Will my property be put on Rightmove?”

The answer is simple, it's all about cost. As anything when it grows in popularity, prices go up and with the recent Tenant Fee Ban, Letting Agents are finding it harder than ever to offer all services to potential tenants due to lack of income. 

Rightmove prices are also up 15% over the last few months and Letting Agents are putting emphasis on other online portals to hide the fact that Rightmove simply isn't an option for them anymore. 

Here at Landlords 2, we don’t have that problem…

Our low tenant find fees speak for themselves at just £240, plus we have never charged unnecessary tenant fees. Because of this we have no need to pull the wool over your eyes and are proud to promote your property not just through Rightmove, but Zoopla, On The Market and of course our website too. 

At Landlords 2 we are proud do things differently….

Landlords2 provide letting solutions for landlords and tenants throughout Bishop Auckland, Darlington, Durham, Middlesbrough and the North East area.

If you would like more information on our Tenant Find service, please give us a call on 01325 978970 or visit: