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Taking the leap into the world of letting for the first time can be stressful especially if you don’t know how to correctly prepare your property. When you rent a house out, you are taking on a high level of responsibility not only for the property but also for the tenants who will be calling it home. It is important that before anyone moves into your property, you take all the appropriate steps to both meet regulations and make the house a suitable place for people to live in. In this blog we will be sharing our tips for preparing your property before tenants move in.



With the responsibility that you are holding when letting your property, it should be an absolute priority to ensure measures have been taken to make the house safe. You should employ the services of a fully qualified, fully insured and accredited electrician to assess the electrics in the house, so that any potential hazards can be dealt with. You should also make sure a fire safety plan is in place. This includes correctly functioning smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and informing tenants of the fire escapes within the property. Following these steps will give you peace of mind that your tenants are safe in their new home.

Fixing Functional Problems

Your tenants will be less than amused if upon their arrival they discover problems throughout the property. That’s why it is essential that you tackle any issues long before anyone moves in. Whether it’s damp patches, wall cracks, leaky taps or other problems, you should ensure the house is perfect… it is going to be someone’s new home after all. By doing this, you are also showing your tenants that as a landlord, you care!


When you begin to decorate the property, you must firstly forget about your own taste! It is important to remember that everyone has different preferences so bold colours and loud patterns are a no-go. It is a good idea to use neutral, light colours for the walls and floors. You should also keep the floors plain, using hard wearing carpet or laminate wood. This way everyone will be happy!


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